Do you want a well-paying job as a Web Developer? If you’re like me, you might have tried to land a Web Developer Job by learning to code on your own. I tried this, and after two years of learning, I could only land a job that paid me $100…

I started learning web development because a friend advised me to do web development over graphic designing because web development also entails graphic design and so much more like languages and frameworks.

At first I started using the LinkedIn Learning platform through hacks, cheats because I couldn’t afford them. I…

First Ten Meal Items

After a month of learning react. I built a recipe web app. This are the courses and YouTube videos I watched before being able to build this project:


Brad Traversy’s courses on HTML and CSS are the best I have ever taken…

Temitope Ogunleye

Freelance JavaScript Engineer with 2+ years hands-on experience in developing web applications. Proficient with React, HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS and JavaScript.

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